Frequently Asked Questions

Information about our courses, centres, delivery methods and other services. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, please contact us.

Speaking with a coach taking notes on a clipboard

When will centres reopen and classes resume?

We are monitoring Government and professional bodies’ guidance closely and putting plans in place to ensure that we can, when the time comes, reopen our classroom-based learning as efficiently and safely as possible.

How will courses be delivered in September?

Courses delivery will be dependent on the circumstances affected by current Government guidance. We are therefore developing a ‘blended’ approach to learning which will ensure courses where possible can be delivered both in the classroom and online. We aim to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

What do I need for an online course?

To participate in an online course, you will need a laptop or PC with webcam (optional) and microphone, internet connection with Google Chrome browser, an email address and be able to access websites.
Specific course related equipment is included in the course information sheet. Once you enrol on a course, the tutor will also contact you to support you in joining the course.

I’ve never participated in an online course before, what is involved?

Our online courses offer everyone the opportunity to learn new skills whilst studying from home or other environments. You will be supported through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or other methods to achieve your goals. As your tutor guides you through the planned sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask them questions and receive feedback on your work.

What does our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) look like?

Our Virtual Learning Environment has an extensive range of resources including everything you will need to successfully complete a course and additional guidance and links for further learning. There are also links to external websites, such as web conferencing software, that you may also use.

How are online courses delivered?

The delivery method varies per course; however, we always endeavour to provide the highest quality learning experience. The majority of our online courses use video conferencing software to replicate the classroom environment, facilitating an interactive and collaborative environment for people to connect and learn with one another.

I’ve never done a distance learning course before, what is involved?

A few of our courses are Distance Learning which means that you learn where and when you want using the learning materials supplied on enrolment.

Distance Learning doesn’t suit everyone but is ideal for people who aren’t able to attend a classroom-based course for whatever reason.

We don’t advise enrolling to the course if you anticipate personal/family or work issues that may prevent you committing the minimum required hours per week needed to complete the course.