What is Essex retrain, retain, gain?

Essex Retrain, Retain, Gain is a fully funded training programme for employers to support their staff. This is to improve essential and transferable skills that are at the core of a thriving business. Our mission is to upskill and improve individuals’ status in the job market, whilst boosting businesses’ productivity and competitiveness. In addition to free essential skills training, we also offer progression opportunities into further funded learning programmes, such as full Awards, Diplomas and Apprenticeships.

Eligibility criteria applies. For more information about training programmes, courses, and locations, please register your interest by completing the sign-up form on this page or email ACL.BusinessDevelopment@essex.gov.uk.

Why should I be interested as an employer?

Investing in the development of your employees is important to encourage an authentic culture and prosperous working environment where both the individual and business can grow. We have secured funding to assist you to upskill your employees to aid in business recovery, promote skills and productivity, and to potentially invest in new talent.

Why should I be interested as an employee?

Our free training programmes support you to develop new skills that improve confidence and productivity in your current role that could potentially open the door to new opportunities.

Who delivers the training?

Thurrock Adult Community College (the delivery arm of Thurrock Council)

ACL Essex (Essex County Council’s Adult Community Learning)

Southend Adult Community College (the delivery arm of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council)

Essex Retrain, Retain, Gain Project

If you are interested in free training opportunities, please leave your details below and a member of our team will contact you.

What training do we offer?

Specific vocational units

How are training programmes delivered?

The training programmes reintroduce employed individuals to learning new skills. This will help them to improve in their current role that supports career progression. Training can be delivered as a range of bitesize, short training sessions in topics that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Bespoke training programmes can include Maths, English and Digital Skills, Wellbeing activities, Customer Service and Communication skills, in addition to specific vocational units as listed above.

English & Maths

We have a number of options, including remote delivery, contextualised to sectors. Non accredited or accredited with level 2 English & maths skills units achieved by completion of a portfolio, or 1 element of Functional Skills assessment – Reading, Writing or Speaking & listening.

Digital Skills

Improving digital skills can enable colleagues to better understand and manage technology at home and in the workplace. All programmes can be delivered remotely if required.