Computer Use Policy

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Adult Community Learning (ACL)

Control of Document

ACL Extended Leadership Team

Policy Aims and Intentions

Safety and security is a prime consideration for all education establishments using the Internet. To ensure we provide a safe learning environment for our users, ACL adheres to the internet safety policy and systems of its Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the JANET(UK) (Joint Academic NETwork). The systems are deployed to reduce the risks associated with Internet use in an education environment.

Responsibility Group

ACL Senior Leadership Team

Policy Writer

Vice Principal Quality and Compliance

Date of acceptance

December 2011

Last review date

May 2021 (in year update)

Next review date

December 2021


All ACL Staff and ACL Learners

Stored Location

ComEdPool Policies/Strategies



The purpose of this policy is to ensure that ACL users understand the way in which the Internet and the computer network are to be used. The policy aims to ensure that the Internet is used effectively for its intended purpose, without infringing legal requirements or creating unnecessary risk. The legal framework that informs this policy is included in Appendix 1.  All ACL users are required to sign up to this acceptable use policy when they log on for the first time. Learners must accept the conditions set out below in order to access any material.

Please note these conditions apply to the whole duration of your time as a learner, or member of staff of ACL.

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