Children Cooking at Maldon Nursery


One of the children in pre-school has an egg allergy but we didn’t want them to miss out on some baking so we made egg free banana muffins for snack which everyone could enjoy

letterbox maldon

Pen pals

To engage with the elderly folk in our local community the older children have each been allocated a ‘Pen pal’ with whom they have been exchanging letters and cards throughout the year. There has been much excitement every time a letter drops through the letter box at pre-school for one of the children.


A typical session at Friary Preschool Maldon

Everyone waits outside the Pre-school until it’s time for the session to start.  Each child has their own named peg for their coats. They also have a ‘flower’ with their name on which they ‘plant’ in a numbered pot in the playroom as a means of self-registration A typical morning session is generally given over…

christmas tree


At Christmas the children and their parents were invited to take part in a socially distanced treasure hunt around the local park. The children found their treasure in a grotto in the front garden of the pre-school and all went home with a book and a home-made gingerbread man