Pudsey colouring

Children in need

For children in need we all came to pre-school in our pyjamas.  We had such a fun day of activities and playing games.  We even made some Pudsey bear biscuits, they were yummy. Harvey coloured this lovely picture of Pudsey bear.

autism awareness display

Autism Awareness

Our Senco’s have undergone extensive training in autism. They wanted to create a parent’s friendly information board in our foyer, so parent/carers have an awareness of what autism is. One parent commented “This is wonderful it clearly explains autism in an easy read, hopefully other parents will understand my child a little better.”  To raise…


Life cycle of a butterfly

The children really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of butterflies. They observed the tiny caterpillars turn big and furry They were amazed when the caterpillars hung upside down and turned into chrysalides that shook if moved. One morning the children came in and there were five butterflies in their enclosure. The children watched as…

Outdoor area

Sponsored Obstacle Course

A massivethank-you to all those families and friends who sponsored their children to do our fund-raising obstacle course.  The children really enjoyed doing the sponsored event, so much so that we kept it out all week for them to enjoy.   The children raised and incredible £885.00.  That is truly amazing!!  We have already been able…