Our range of apprenticeship and work based learning programmes (19+ only) are perfect for individuals looking to improve their career prospects.

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There is no upper age limit on apprenticeships, so they are suitable for everyone. You may be looking to gain your first step on the career ladder or be looking for a career change.

The apprenticeship lasts from 12-24 months depending on the type and level being undertaken. If you do not already have grade C (or suitable equivalent) or above in maths and English, you will be required to do this as part of your programme.

Apprenticeships are also suitable for people who are already employed but require additional skills to meet the needs of their role e.g. promotion or change of job.

Apprentices do not contribute to the cost of their programme – your employer will either pay the full amount through their apprenticeship levy or contribute towards the cost with the remainder funded by the government.

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I’m 16-18

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We are looking for rising stars that know what they want and are serious about achieving it.  Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to gain the theory behind your chosen career whilst gaining practical hands on experience in a real job.

I’m 19 years or older

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You may be looking to gain your first step on the career ladder or be looking for a career change. We will work with you and your line manager to set up a programme and agree a learning plan.

I’m an employer


Investing in staff training programmes and apprenticeships is the perfect way to grow your business and develop an efficient and skilled workforce.

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