She feels nothing. No sense of loss? Nothing. Glancing at the rear-view mirror her heart lifts at the miles stacking up behind her. Having all the time in the world she drives slowly. Her time at last, her life reclaimed.      Fine rain. Windscreen wipers squeak their protest as they wave long arms to… Continue Reading Leaving

By the Sea

I was surprised to find her in my beach hut. I was curious.  “Who are you? Can I help you? How did you get in here?” I quickly gave up as every question was answered simply with: “I don’t know yet” I had no reason to disbelieve her, but it was odd nonetheless.   I glanced… Continue Reading By the Sea

The Puzzle

On a dreich, dismal day in December, the clouds draped over the town like an oppressive shroud. The greyness soaked into the soul of anyone venturing outside, forcing hands deep into pockets and hunching features in defence against the all-pervasive cold. The man looked up at the menacing clouds and shuddered. Lowering his gaze, he… Continue Reading The Puzzle

Lost & Found

Five days searching through jewellery shops across London finally led Henry to the pendant necklace. Practically identical in every way, his heart skipped at the sight. The jeweller draped the white gold, ruby cluster, across the glass counter in front of him and his eyes lit up at what was the perfect replacement. His debit… Continue Reading Lost & Found


Funny thing, daydreams. They come along and ambush you when least expected. Sometimes, in the midst of activity, you pause a second and are suddenly whooshed away to unknown, unexpected realms. Winters are an especially good time to be caught out. James didn’t know whether it was the grey sky outside as he sat with… Continue Reading Daydreams?